Brow Mapping: How to Use Brow Mapping Pencils

Date :September 16, 2021, Henna Brows International Brow Mapping Pencils

Henna Brows and Brow lamination have fast become the most popular eyebrow treatments. To get flawless results for both of these brow treatments you have to start with brow mapping. Brow artists will first use a white brow mapping pencil to outline the brow shape and give it a defined structure. Brow mapping helps with a neat and precise product application while carrying out any brow treatment.

What is Brow Mapping?

A brow artist will always start their treatments by building the framework of the brow using a white brow mapping pencil. This helps the brow technician to create the perfect brow shape for their client’s facial structure and features. Brow mapping is an artistic technique and requires skill and precision from the brow artist. Your brow treatments and their outcome depend on this brow mapping technique.

Brow Mapping, How To Measure a Clients Brows

Before mapping the clients’ brows, a brow technician will first prepare the area.  Start by cleaning your clients’ brows with a good quality brow cleaning product. Next your can begin to carve out the centre line with our white brow mapping pencil, taking the top of the nose as the central part. Then the bottom line is established by placing the fingers between the brow bone and the eyeballs and marking the space in-between. Then the top line is drawn, and this depends on the clients preferred brow width. Once this is established the brow artist then carefully draws the ‘arch Line’ making it look as natural as possible, here the natural brow shape should always be considered. Lastly a defining curve is drawn in with a white brow mapping pencil.

After Brow Mapping

After the brow mapping procedure, you can now proceed with your brow treatment. No matter if it’s a Brow Lamination or Henna Brow application, you now have the perfect canvas for a flawless application and superior results. Do not forget to use the Brow Clean Up Sticks to correct any mistake during the treatment.

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