Brow Lamination or Henna Brows- What is the Right Choice?

Date :October 14, 2021, Henna Brows International Beauty courses

Are you looking to up your brow game but not sure which course is right for you? Beauty courses have the potential to offer you life-changing career choices, and making the right selection at the right time holds the key. Brow treatments are highly popular and a top revenue-generating beauty services these days and this has led to a hike in the number of course pursuers.

The Brow Lamination and the Henna Brows are two massively popular eyebrow treatments that have created a stir in the beauty circle. People aspire to look like their favourite celebrities and want to sport the perfect brow shape and shade. So here we are to guide you through the best course choice for you.

A Brief Overview of Brow Courses

  • Henna Brows

Good for clients looking to cover sparse gaps or for more definition. Henna has 7 colour choices, so you can use these to create bespoke colours for redheads and blondes. Henna is fantastic for covering stubborn grey hairs for a great option for older clients.

If you already offer brow tinting in your salon, then henna brows is the next logical add on as you will be able to move all of your eyebrow tinting clientele over to henna as it is a longer-lasting alternative and has much greater colour variations. Henna is a vegan colouring option. Veganism is a huge growing market and a great advertising tool for your business.

Henna brow is a simple 2 step procedure. So once you have your Henna Brows Kit with all of your henna colours, all you need to add is mineral water. The online course includes a full kit worth £295!!

There is zero waste with henna, and you can measure out your exact usage.

  • Brow Lamination

The stylish shiny, smooth brow look for perfectly shaped arches is ruling the market, and many clients seek this treatment. The brow lamination course teaches you the comprehensive methodology of carrying out this treatment with absolute perfection. The course can be completed at your leisure with no sharp deadlines. You also get a complete brow lamination kit along with the requisite tools and products with the course enrolment.

Our Brow Lamination Diploma is a proud acquisition as it lets you offer this high paid service to the clientele. Our well-curated step-by-step course structure assists you to grasp the course easily and train yourself as an expert.

Final Say!

Both the beauty courses are rewarding and the choices depend upon your preference and skills. A basic brow shaping qualification is all you need to take up these courses, and you can avail offline and online training as per your convenience. If you are interested in starting your training academy, we are there to support you with our instant academy packages. For further details, you can visit the website and speak to our executives.

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