Break into the Brow Industry with our Online Henna Brows Course

Date :April 15, 2022, Henna Brows International Break into the Brow Industry with our Online Henna Brows Course

Henna brow colouring is a highly popular treatment in the brow industry. Henna brows are so in demand because they are an affordable and semi-permanent solution for thin and sparse. When compared to more daunting options like microblading, henna brows are often the preferred option. It not only is used to fill in the sparse areas between the brows but gives you or your clients a complete defined and bold look. In addition, there is no use of needles, and you will have an illusion of fullness and a professional eyebrow look within 3 to 20 minutes (depending on the intensity of colour you prefer)


To start offering henna brows as a service in your salon or at home enrol in the Online Henna Brow Course from Henna Brows International today. Work as a professional upgrade your services in a matter or days. This highly popular in-demand treatment is a must have for any salon or brow bar.

The Online Henna Brow Course includes a free FULL kit worth £295 with guaranteed return revenue of over £10,000

Choosing the Best Training Provider

Henna Brows International offers eyebrow beauty courses in the UK and Ireland, and a few qualities make us stand apart from other course providers. Here are a few reasons to pick an online henna brow course from Henna Brows International.

  • We provide you with the best products and comprehensive training.
  • Anyone can benefit from this course, be it a beginner, a hairdresser, a homemaker, an aspiring brow artist, or an existing therapist who desires to upgrade their skills.
  • With this online henna brow course, you can give an array of brow colouring options to the clients – from lightest blond to darkest black.
  • It is a safe and easy method of saving time. No use of needles or toxic chemicals and it’s vegan so it’s perfect for sensitive skin.
  • Henna is a natural plant product. Its usage goes back centuries. It is popular worldwide so you can work anywhere
  • We offer the fastest Henna colouring on the market.
  • With us, you can learn to create customised brow shades to suit each client. Our henna brows powders allow you create a bespoke look for each clientele.
  • We teach how to get the desirable ombré effect suited to the skin tone of each prospective client.
  • Our Online Henna Brow Course is fully approved and insured.
  • Our henna colouring system is a vegan substitute for other harsh chemical products. It imparts hues without causing reaction on the skin. In addition, it does not contain ammonia.
  • Our henna brow kit has seven different colour variations allowing you to create tailor-made shades. It also offers exceptional coverage on stubborn grey hairs.


A Guide to our Henna Brows Diploma


  • Our Online Henna Brows Course is suitable for both a beginner who is looking to get started as a brow tech or an existing therapist who desires to upgrade the skills.
  • So long as you have basic eyebrow shaping or waxing skills you can enrol in our Henna Brows Course.
  • Henna Brows Diploma will be accredited to those who complete this course.
  • Learners can complete Online Henna Brow Course in their spare time. The theory can be completed online, and you will have to submit 3 case studies to gain certification.
  • The course prices include all the products required to get started, henna powder- seven unique colours and marketing materials. The kit also consists of tools and equipment like the angled brow brush and brow mapping pencil, a mixing palette, and measuring scoops.


Henna Mixing Process

The two-step procedure is simple and easy. Just add water with henna powder mix and your henna is ready to use. Mineral water is best suited. To get the desired effect, it takes around 3 – 20 minutes. A single sachet provides enough henna for over 40-50 treatments.

Free Shipping and Added extras

Our henna brows kit is one of the best value kits on the market. A free concealer palette worth £20 is even included for a limited time. Book a course now or buy a henna brows kit to take advantage of this amazing offer! If you are ordering for a salon or beauty academy, we recommend buying in bulk for exclusive discounts. Free UK shipping for orders above £50 is also available.