Best Henna Brows Kit on the Market – 10% Discount

Date :March 25, 2021, Henna Brows International

10% Discount on Professional Henna Brow Kit

A beauty therapist can give the best treatment only if she has the access to the right beauty products. Only premium cosmetics and supreme quality beauty kits can give the optimum results. Just, for example, a professional henna brow kit is necessary to give the correct Brow Colouring that your client loves. Henna is a vegan product and you cannot have a better colouring agent than this all-natural plant derivative. It’s quicker, easier, and long-lasting!

The Discount Offer

A professional henna brow kit has all that you need for a complete brow colouring procedure. Right from the tool-set to the colouring products, you have it all in a single kit. Henna Brow INTERNATIONAL is offering a 10% discount on this kit when to choose to train under our brand. Even if you have trained under some other brands and now choose to convert to Henna Brows International, then simply send us a screenshot of your certificate and we will give you a 10% welcome discount on your first order along with free marketing materials.

Why Choose Henna Brows?

We all know that Henna is a vegan alternative to other harmful chemical colorants. Our professional henna brow kit is the faster alternative to other Henna brands in the market. Henna is a natural colouring agent and does not need any hydrogen peroxide. It does not contain any lead or ammonia either and all these make it a safer choice for delicate eyebrows.

Our professional henna brow kit has 7 colour variants of the product and you can choose a shade that suits the best. You can also create bespoke colour matches for your client’s skin tone. The mixology is extremely simple and the storage and preservation of the opened sachet are also easy. Simply clip lock the sachet and it can be used for another 6 months.

Henna Brows International also offers online brow training courses that can help you understand and learn the detailed treatment techniques alongside the professional procedure. All the professional mixology and the proper use of the colouring tools are taught in detail in the online henna brow course that we offer.

How Many Treatments Does This Professional Henna Brow Kit Offers?

You can easily give 300 treatments from this single kit and make a whopping £10000 from it. This is high revenue churning beauty treatment and you must have it on your service list. Henna covers the most stubborn of greys and the colouring effect lasts for 6-8 weeks. To top all of these, we also provide you with social media logos and marketing materials to help you make your service popular. You can get complete assistance from Henna Brows International if you choose to change brands and launch and promote this service via social media channels.