Avail Henna Brow Course from The Best Beauty Academy in the UK!

Date :September 24, 2020, Henna Brows International

Many people are taking up beauty courses as this guarantees a promising career ahead! A beauty academy always offers courses that are trending and much sought after! And with the changing culture, these beauty courses are now available online, and people have no location restrictions in taking up these courses. Online Henna Brow Course is quick gaining recognition due to its short course duration and affordable charges. With suitable teaching materials, understanding and mastering this course is easy as well as rewarding!

If you have already decided to take up this course, the next step is to decide upon the best beauty academy in the UK to pursue it. Here comes Henna Brows INTERNATIONAL, a premium beauty academy that offers Online Henna Brows Course and Online Brow Lamination Course to its students across the UK and Ireland. Our online classes are structured in such a way that even a novice can get hold of all the intricate details and learn the fine skills associated with the training!

Why Take Up Our Online Henna Brow Course?

Henna Brows have become a rage, and people with light and unnoticeable brows can colour the brow strands with hues of their choice. This treatment has become vastly popular and has a high scope in the coming future. The training and practice time is short, and a great career can be achieved with little effort. Moreover, Henna contains no ammonia and lead, making it a safe and side-effect-free alternative to chemical tints!

A Short Brief on Henna Brow Treatment!

The eyebrows are brushed and cleaned thoroughly. Here Henna is used as the natural colouring agent that dyes the Brow hair and also leaves a tint on the underneath lying skin. The entire process takes as little as 5 minutes, and this colouring effect lasts for about 6-7 weeks.

What Does Our Course Offer?

Our comprehensive course design helps the candidate master the art of henna mixology and the perfect application techniques. The candidates are also taught all the methods and precautions needed to be followed for a stunning result. With our expert training, the therapist can offer bespoke treatment to each client! You learn:

  • Henna Mixology (7 Different Variants Available)
  • Proper Use of Stencil
  • Application Tricks and Techniques
  • Thorough Grey Coverage
  • Creating ‘Ombre’ Brows
  • Conducting Personalized Treatment

Other Course Details

The Online Henna Brows Course at our academy is priced at £300, and a kit worth £295 comes free with this! Right from the beginners to an existing therapist can take up this fully certified and accredited course. With a prerequisite of brow shaping qualifications, anyone can take up this course and get started.

How to Sign Up for the Course?

You can visit our website and pick the course of your choice. Add it to the basket and make the necessary payments. Do not forget to use the coupon code ‘COURSE20’ for a 20% discount! You will get an email notification instantly confirming your enrolment! Your Henna Brow Kit (included within the course cost) is dispatched right away, and all the training manuals and videos are emailed to you!