An Online Brow Lamination Course Can Upscale Your Salon Revenues

Date :March 4, 2022, Henna Brows International An Online Brow Lamination Course Can Upscale Your Salon Revenues

Are you interested in an online brow lamination course? Henna Brows INTERNATIONAL has got you covered! Opt for our exclusive online brow lamination course, where our brow trainers will teach you the perfect method to style the brows. This course gives you an insight into the trending brow perming method that most celebrities are sporting these days! If you are a beauty therapist or aspire to be one, this online course can add up to your skills bucket.

Who Are We?

Henna Brow International is a well-known brand in the UK with extensive experience in the beauty industry. We are into the eyebrow courses, both online as well as offline and we also run an incredible online shop where you can purchase all the eyebrow products and grooming tools. We train the professionals with online brow lamination courses and online henna brow courses and help them escalate their salon profits with the latest service offerings!

Receive The Ultimate Salon Training.

The online brow lamination course is built with a comprehensive course structure so that you can present your customer with the desired result. The course can be taken up virtually allowing you complete flexibility of time and space. Our team of experts also offers group instruction for the online brow lamination course where you are guided through step-by-step procedures and troubleshooting. Additionally, if you own a salon, we provide a wide range of supreme-quality henna products and brow lamination products at competitive pricing.

Online Brow Lamination Course- Course Pattern

Our online brow lamination course incorporates a blend of learning and practice. You need to complete the theory online and submit three case studies at your convenience. In addition, you will receive a certificate of excellence after completing the course. This diploma will assist you vastly in gaining wide recognition in the beauty industry. Our certification is accredited across the world.

We Offer Reasonable Pricing for the Online Brow Lamination Course

Our online brow lamination training is the most affordable and cost-effective beauty course in the UK and Ireland. We are charging £175 currently, which does not include VAT. This is a discounted price and is a Limited-Time Offer. Normally this online brow lamination course is priced at £250. The course includes a full brow lamination kit, all the necessary tools, and equipment. We also provide extensive study material, video training, and direct support from our experienced mentors with all our online eyebrow courses

Everyone aspires to be well groomed. Well-made brows give a polished look. It is not always possible to achieve sophistication at home, and not everyone has a steady hand to achieve it.

The brow artists and technicians are highly sought after in the beauty industry. If you want to learn about popular brow treatment, you should enrol in the most recognised online brow lamination course.

Furthermore, if you already have some expertise in offering beauty services, this course will add to your credentials. This is a 30-minute treatment and each service costs around £45, making it an excellent addition to your service menu. So look no further and call our team for a detailed consultation. You can also mail us for further details.