5 Uses for an Angled Brow Brush

Date :September 2, 2021, Henna Brows International Angled Brow Brush

An angled eyebrow brush is the most underutilized item in your beauty cabinet. With one simple beauty tool you can do a lot to enhance your brows and makeup. Brow tools are perfect for defining and shaping your brows. Our Angled Brow Brush gives those perfect strokes, that help you to create the perfect an arched brow. This magic makeup tool provides the ideal shape to your arches, and you can use it in in a precise, exact manner to achieve your ideal brows.

An Angled Brow Brush can create the perfect brow shape for you or your clients, helping to enhance their face shape and brow colour. Brow goals are made achievable with the best beauty tools and our brow expertise. Our angled brow brush features a brush tip with tapered but firm bristles to tame the arches perfectly. These feathery bristles are gentle on the skin and give you the perfect result each time. Here is some of the many ways we can use this versatile and powerful beauty tool.

  1. Use An Angled Brow Brush To Condition the Brows

Achieving healthy tamed brows requires maintenance. You need to take care of your eyebrow hair and give it the moisture it needs. The Angled Brow Brush can be used to apply moisturizing oils (like Argan oil) to your brows and lashes. This can help with hair growth, hair conditioning and nourishment. Just take the rear end of the brush and dip it in the conditioning oil and spread it through your arches. Keep some cotton swabs handy to clean up any drips.

  1. Detangle and Brush your Brows for a Healthy Growth

You must comb through your brow hairs daily to promote blood circulation and keep the strands in your desired shape. The Angled Brow Brush will help tame stray hairs, carry it with you so you can maintain your brows on the go.

  1. Build Your Brow Shape

Take some brow powder or pomade and dip your brush tip in it. With neater and cleaner hair like strokes, you can achieve a more natural look. Not only this, but you can also use our Angled Brow Brush to dust off any excess product achieving a seamless, faultless application.

  1. Concealing and Cleaning

Have you ever messed up a single step of your eye makeup and had to remove the whole thing? Well, now you won’t have to, as the versatile Angled Brow Brush can save you time reapplying by helping you conceal any mistakes. Top tip to make your eye makeup pop, take some concealer and apply a layer just beneath your eyebrows with our angled brow brush. This will make your eyeshadow stand out creating a cleaner, more blended eye look.

  1. Measure The Brow Placement

When doing brow makeup or brow treatments on yourself or clients, you need to measure the brow size for the perfect placement of hair strokes. You can learn how to perfectly measure brows in our Online Brow Lamination Course and Online Henna Brows Course. In our online courses will teach you brow mapping techniques to any eliminate the chance of error during the treatment.

With so many uses for the Angled Brow Brush, it is a must have in any beauty kit.  At Henna Brow International we provide premium quality angled brow brushes that are comfortably designed for your hand.  For thicker and untamed brows, the Angled Brow Brush allows for precise henna application, allowing you add more product for extra hold. It is the ideal brow tool for full brows, structured brows, filled-in brows and more.

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