4 Reasons to Invest in A Professional Brow Lamination Kit

Date :September 2, 2022, Henna Brows International 4 Reasons to Invest in A Professional Brow Lamination Kit

Brows are one of the most important features of a face. It elevates an individual’s face shape and gives a proper definition to your client’s face. The beauty industry has witnessed a variety of brow designs through the years. Sometimes clients prefer sleek and high-arched brows while sometimes the industry revolves around a more natural brow shape.


Eyebrows not only give you a definition but also highlight your eyes. A pair of trimmed and well-shaped brows will make your eyes pop and appear lifted. That is why eyebrows are often regarded as a sign of youth, and a full and fluffy pair of brows will make one look much younger. So, as a beauty therapist, you must be aware of all the recent brow trends to keep your customer happy and satisfied. Therefore, investing in a professional brow lamination kit will benefit you and profit margins.


A professional brow lamination kit from Henna brows International comes with all you need to get started; three-step tools, materials, adhesive, and even marketing tools and record cards. The kit is specially designed to provide your client with a desirable fuller brow look which is the first sign of youth and beauty. Furthermore, the process is quick, easy, and effortless.


What Does the Kit Contain?




Benefits Of Brow Lamination Kit


The professional brow lamination kit has many benefits:


  • The Brow Lamination Kit designed by Henna Brows is 100% vegan, so there is no need to worry about your vegan clients anymore as they can safely opt for it.


  • Each packaged henna brow kit comes in a 5 ml airless container, meaning there’s no waste. But as it is only for professional use, it is advisable to do a patch test before the procedure to avoid any allergic reaction to the client. Otherwise, it will be wasted and, more importantly, you will lose a valuable client.


  • The professional Brow Lamination Kit has been created to avoid over-processing brow hairs during the treatment. We know that brow hair is very delicate, and over-processing can do more harm than good. The products in the kit help you create and design the desired direction of the eyebrows per the client’s preference.


  • Brow trends are growing in the industry, and brow lamination is a very popular trend among women of all ages. Furthermore, a lot of high-end customers prefer laminated brows. So, including this treatment will help you to attract a whole new set of customers interested in brow lamination.


The Conclusion


Brow lamination can be done on any client who wants to transform their brows. It is perfect for individuals with uneven or very thin eyebrows or those who desire a fuller fluffier shape. People of any age can opt for it, and even older people who tend to lose their eyebrow hair can create a fuller brow. It can even be used on people with sensitive skin, but a patch test is recommended. Shop now to start offering Brow Lamination in your salon.